24 ottobre 2016 · Ultime notizie:

Palazzo dei Conservatori

(Open: 9-14, Tuesdays and Saturdays 17-20, holi­days 9-13, closed Mondays). Remodelled by Giacomo Della Porta from a design by Michelangelo, it served as model for the neighboring Palazzo Nuovo, which it matches. The facade is softened by the elegant rhythmic procession of large pilaster strips with large balconi ed windows and a charming portico set in front of the building. Particularly fine, on the attic, is the scenographic balustrade with its decorative marble statues. Important museums are )loused here: the Sale dei Conservatori, the Palazzo dei Conservatori, the Braccio Nuovo, the Museo Nuovo and the Pinacoteca.