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Church of Santa Maria d’Aracoeli

Mention of the church appears as early as the 7th century. In the 10th century it became a Benedictine Abbey and then passed to the Friars Minor, who saw to its reconstruction around 1320. A pIace for associative life as well as a place of worship, the church continued in this unique calling into the 16th century and the civic victory of Marcantonio Colonna after the victory of Lepanto (1571) was celebrated here.The exterior has a gabled roof and three doorways under three windows. A sort of vestibule is seI againsl Ihe centrai portaI. Renaissance elements of some importance in the austere 14th-century facade are the reliefs with Saints Mat­thew and John over the two smaller portals.The interior, a typical basilica, has a nave separated from the two side aisles by 22 reused antique columns. The Cappella Bufalini (in the right aisle) con­tains frescoes by Pinturicchio that are considered his masterpieces.