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Antiquarium Comunale

ROOM I: contains a selection of the most important articles found on the Quirinale and on the Esquiline at the ti me of the construction of new buildings there during the second half of the nineteenth century. There is also material from the Esquiline necro­polis in ROOM Il together with material from a «favissa» (a well in which objects dedicated to a divinity were placed), discovered during restoration work carried out on the staircase of S. Maria della Vittoria.ROOM 111 contains architectonic terracotta works: i.e. clay decorative elements which adorned the wooden structures of the archaic shrines and temples built on the Campidoglio.In the GALLERV and in the ATRIUM there is a selection of do mestic utensils, which were in everyday use. Among the precious objects there are the contents of the third century A.D. tomb of a young bride, Crepereia Tryphaena, including her wedding ring engraved with the name of her husband and a wooden doli with articulated limbs.In the MOSAIC ROOM there is a small group of polychrome mosaics on display together with a selection of marble objects.